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The Motives brings together some of the finest talent from the European blues scene, drawing their musical inspiration from 40′s New York, 50′s Chicago and 60′s London. Their eponymous debut album was released in June 2012 to widespread critical acclaim and they have played all over the UK and in October 2012 supported The Robert Cray Band on tour in Holland.

The name Matt Taylor is becoming more and more familiar as a highly regarded guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. He has made four albums with his own band and several others in collaboration with the likes of Long John Baldry with whom he toured Europe twice, releasing one live album and The Snowy White Blues Project who he has been working with since 2008, touring all over Europe and releasing one studio and one live album.

As a session musician he has worked with a huge variety of artists in many genres including European and US tours with French superstar Patricia Kaas, TV & radio work with Take That’s Gary Barlow, live work with Tony Hadley and TV appearances with Belinda Carlisle, Shelby Lynne and Lulu. He has backed artists as diverse as Jamie Cullum, Shane McGowan, Tony Christie and Joe Bonamassa, his career taking him to as far-flung places as the Middle East and Siberia. Recently Matt has also turned his hand to production, being at the helm for Mark Butcher’s debut album Songs from the Sun House.

Voted ‘Best Bass Player’ in the 2010, 2011 & 2012 British Blues Awards (and now in the Hall of Fame) Andy Graham grew up in South Wales and did a degree in classical music but has always been happiest playing bass in a band. Playing with Ian Siegal since the mid ’90s, he has been the constant in various band line-ups alongside Ian, playing all over Europe. He has also worked with Imogen Heap and Martine McCutcheon (playing with both at their Hyde Park performances for The Princes Trust in front of a crowd of 150,000), Grace Solero, Dana Gillespie, Lee Sankey’s Cool Grey 5ives and international blues artists including Phil Guy and Sugar Blue, amongst others.

This project sees Matt collaborating once again with Snowy White Blues Project drummer Roy Martin. Matt and Roy met in 2003 whilst touring with Patricia Kaas with whom Roy has worked since 1997, traversing the globe many times. Prior to that Roy spent 5 years living in New York where he had the opportunity to work for a wide variety of artists including Aretha Franklin and David Sandborn. More recently he has been seen on the road and in the studio with Barclay James Harvest and Thea Gilmore and in the past has shared stages or studios with artists as diverse as Jack Bruce, Joan Baez and Robert Palmer.

Joining them is undoubtably one of the UK’s best keyboard players, Jonny Dyke who first made his reputation with Brit-blues heroes Out of the Blue, going on to work with US bluesmen Larry Garner and Bob Kirkpatrick and the legendary Memphis Horns. Pop session work followed including appearances with Victoria Beckham and Dolly Parton, UK tours with Elkie Brooks and two world tours with Patricia Kaas, during which time he played in China, the USA and Russia including a performance for President Putin’s birthday at The Kremlin. In 2010 Jonny has been working with folk-pop singer Amy Macdonald, toured the UK with Judie Tzuke and toured Europe with guitarist Coco Montoya and the Ruf Records Blues Caravan. February and March 2011 saw him touring the UK with Ben E King and Gary US Bonds and he has recently been working in Europe with Ruf Records recording artist Meena Cryle.


“Tough urban blues with lyrics to match delivered in a style that’s as sharp as James Brown’s footwork and as solid as Alcatraz… reminiscent of those Stax-era Albert King and Little Milton songs with Booker T on keyboards.”
John Clarke, The Independent (UK)

“We’re not trying to copy any particular style. I just try to come up with blues songs which don’t sound like all the other blues songs in the world.”
Matt Taylor, Classic Rock presents The Blues Magazine (UK)

“It’s time for the blues boys and girls to sit up and take notice. The men are back”
4 stars (out of 5)
R2 – Rock’n'Reel Magazine (UK)

“…a rock-steady band nail the grooves and Taylor’s timely flourishes provide a serious injection of blues gold. This confident, decade-spanning rhythm’n'blues is swimming in vibe”
Guitar & Bass Magazine (UK)

“crafted songs, which time and again choose a different path than even the most demanding listener expects. Guitarist Matt Taylor excels and has a fierce approach to his playing… If you like listening to sharp, extremely high standard and damn soulful bluesrock, you’ve come to the right place”
Jazzism Magazine (NL)

“A Boost For British Blues… we hear blues in the best Chicago tradition, but also British beat: it provides a nice varied mix of both worlds. The Motives prove that they belong at the top of British blues”
Heaven Magazine (NL)

“…a fine Blues Rock album with great hammond organ sounds and straight drum and bass…expressive clean licks to fat lead lines a la Gary Moore…high class workmanship with style”
Gitarre & Bass Magazine (Germany)

“Very few albums in British blues have been as hotly anticipated over the last few years as the debut release of the Motives with Matt Taylor. It’s for good reason that people have been on the edge of their seats waiting for this as four of the UK’s top blues musicians have joined forces in a supergroup, and, should the numbers stack up the way they could, this shall be spectacular…”
Ian McHugh, Blues is the Truth, UK Jazz Radio

“[the track] Gone Before is a masterpiece… the new Motives album is superb… if I’d heard Nature’s Cruel Design before Leap of Faith I’d have nominated that – what a song! What an album!”
Gary Grainger, The Blues Show, Bishop FM

“I’ve got a lot of time for Matt Taylor… a man to watch”
Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

“Look out British Blues Awards 2013, here they come… WHAT A CRACKING ALBUM!”
Kevin Beale, Blues on the Marsh

“On first listen to this album the most striking feature is the very high quality of the songwriting both lyrically and musically…. This album is one of the best I have heard this year and was well worth the wait”.

“…[the album] will be getting a lot more airplay, great CD, just love it”
Tony Fitton, Blues in the Nite, Phoenix FM

“The Motives featuring Matt Taylor is a very cool album indeed. The clever thing about this band is they include influences from the 50s and, especially, the 60s, yet at the same time, sound modern and original. They sound like no-one else out there right now… it’s a CD I would recommend to anyone.”
Dave Watkins, Blues Train, Frome FM


released June 11, 2012

Matt Taylor - guitar/vocals, Andy Graham - bass, Jonny Dyke - keyboards, Roy Martin - drums. Produced by Matt Taylor.



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The Motives feat. Matt Taylor London, UK

A new band project brings together some of the finest talent from the European blues scene. The Motives draw their musical inspiration from 40s New York, 50s Chicago and 60s London, combining Matt Taylor's electrifying guitar work with Jonny Dyke's virtuoso hammond and piano over a rock solid rhythm section of Roy Martin on drums and Andy Graham on Bass. Their new album is released in June 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Never Tell a Lie
Never Tell A Lie (Taylor)

You were unkind
How could you think I’d say those things?
If you only knew me a little better
You’d know I’m all sweetness and light

You say you want our love to deepen
But we never get to the bottom of the story
And then we suffer for no reason
And I can never tell you anything
I will never,
I’ll never tell you no lies

I read your mind
You never knew I understood
And in the confusion that followed
You thought for a moment I was wrong

You’re always talking about your freedom
But only end up taking liberties
Then we suffer for no reason
So I will never tell you anything
I will never, I will never tell,
I’ll never tell you no lies

The truth we can find
If we suspend our disbelief
And in the darknes of our minds
We will never tell any lies
Track Name: Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar (Taylor)

I never thought I’d be
The kind of guy to beg for mercy
I’ve been around the world
But I’ve never met anyone like you girl
You come and go just as you please
Your destination a mystery
You treat me like a sevant child
You’ve brought a grown man to his knees

You never thought that you’d get caught
With your hand in the cookie jar

I never thought I’d stoop so low
To follow you around wherever you go
I saw you ring the bell
And step into the house you knew so well
The gate was locked so I climbed the wall
And at the window I saw it all
Where your affections really lie
It brought about my downfall

I forced the door and I climbed the stairs
In the bedroom I found you there
For treating me like such a fool
There won’t be no more cookies for you
Track Name: Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith (Taylor)

You let me down but it’s water off a ducks back
You tried to turn it around but I can’t go for that
Don’t beat yourself up cos there’s a queue for that
And I won’t ever give up you know that’s a fact
Nothing in this life is guaranteed
We all have a path to take
Sometimes you’ve just got to take a leap of faith

They say all is fair in love and war
But whose side are you on
And what the hell are you fighting for
Don’t look over your shoulder cos there’s noone there
I could track you down but that would mean I cared
Nothing in this life is guaranteed
We all have a path to take
Sometimes you’ve just got to take a leap of faith

Only time will tell the story’s end
But I know one day you’re gonna need a friend
So if you look me up you’d better bear in mind
I could have knocked you down but am I really so unkind
Nothing in this life is guaranteed
We all have a path to take
Sometimes you’ve just got to take a leap of faith
Track Name: Find Another Love
Find Another Love (Butcher/Taylor)

You've both lost somebody
You're both wounded hearts
Now you're so lonely
That's where it starts
You've fallen in stages
First flesh and then mind
The dilemma rages
The faults underlined

In her eyes you won't see the future
Though dizzying lights shine round her head

Don't get me wrong I wish you both happy
Just find another love instead

All jewelry and perfume
All yours for the night
But never in her room
And gone before the light
I know you've grown tired
Of chasing the game
But a fool with an open heart to just anybody
Is a fool just the same

In her eyes I'll show you the future
Jealousy, anger and stinging regret
Don't get me wrong just come to your senses
And find another love instead
Track Name: The Rules Dont Apply
The Rules Don’t Apply (Taylor)

A dozen faces turned away as I hung there in the air
They cut me down and bagged me up and even combed my hair
They put me in a box and then they put me in the ground
And noone cried and noone cared and noone made a sound
And then a smiling face was there to greet me at the gates
He welcomed me with open arms and showed me to my fate

The heat was in my eyes and in my lungs and in my brain
He branded me with iron and he bound me with a chain
He left me for a hundred years and then a hundred more
And then at last I heard a key a-turning in the door
Through a stinking cloud of smoke I saw his eyes glow red
He slithered up beside me and this is what he said

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you

He took me to his parlour like the spider did the fly
He offered me a cigarette as I began to cry
He said “boy, stop your snivelling, I have a proposition
Could very well appeal unto a man in your position
There ain’t the time in one short day to do my evil deeds
A twisted right-hand man like you’s exactly what I need
There’s far too many sinners here and I don’t allow salvation
I need someone to show them the true meaning of damnation
But remember who I am and don’t you mess with me
Or you’ll find yourself a-burning for all eternity”

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you

So I took my place at the devil’s side and he worked me like a slave
Making all them sinners wish that they’d behaved
But I punch my card in every day and I’ve come to realise
That pain and degredation is a wicked way of life
I never wanted to belong to anybody’s plan
But I find myself forevermore just working for the man

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you
Track Name: Looking For The Way Home
Looking For The Way Home (Taylor)

I remember I was young
And all of this was fields as far as the eye could see
Well that’s not exactly true
But things have definitely changed round here believe me

Victory is often had by sinners
History is written by the winners
The future’s an imaginary land
Where politicians don’t inhale
Righteous men wind up in jail
But nobody can see the signs
Cos everybody’s looking for the way home

I remember I was young
And everything was fine and seemed so easy
Well that’s not exactly true
But things are definitely harder now believe me

Fashions change without a bye or leave
Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be
But you can do exactly as you please
Unless you want to speak your mind
I’m sorry but your card’s declined
The motorway’s backed up again
Cos everybody’s looking for the way home

The sun is always shining on the way home
The cotton’s always rising on the way home
The fish are always jumping on the way home
Your heart forever pumping

We’re shrinking the expanding universe
Communication’s only getting worse
Everything is different now but nothing ever changes
You can risk a heart attack
Trying to take the power back
Best to try enjoy the b umpy ride
While we’re looking for the way home
Track Name: Gone Before
Gone Before ((Dyke/Graham/Martin/Taylor)

So many friends have passed
Maybe now I'm at that age
Now they know better than anybody
That this world is truly just a stage
And the curtain fell but you left us wanting more
Now you're gone, gone, gone before

I've had the thrill of loving
I've had my fill of lies
But it was truly something
To ever have known you guys
And we're left behind to mind the store
Now you're gone, gone, gone before

So long to the dear departed
We'll keep on keeping on
Try to finish what you started
Because the show goes on for the broken hearted
Now you're gone, gone, gone before
Track Name: Gangsters
Gangsters (Littman/Ravenscroft)

I never had a love so strong
Until you came along
I never got a crush so bad
But someone’s got a hitman on our hearts
You know we’ve gone too far
Now there’s no turning back
If we wanna stay alive we’d better duck and dive
There’s something going down

We must be possessed by gangsters

Better get the hell outta town
And let the heat die down
Don’t wanna get the East River Blues
Someone’s got a contract on our love
If push comes to shove
We could be wearing concrete shoes
Better call the the FBI before somebody dies
We’re doing this thing all wrong

We must be possessed by gangsters

I never had a love so strong
Until you came along
Never thought I’d sink so low
You say it’s a perfect crime, it’s just a matter of time
Before my cover’s blown
Without a shadow of a doubt
I’ve gotta take you out
And head for Mexico

We must be possessed by gangsters
Track Name: If You Were Gone
If You Were Gone (Lobley/Tatton/Thorpe)

If you were gone nobody could take your place
If you were gone nobody could take your place
If you were gone I don’t know what I would do
If you were gone, leaving me for someone new
Listen hard to this, this is what I say
All I need is you

If I had money for you I’d throw it all away
If I had money for you I’d throw it all away
If I had money I’d burn it all yes it’s true
If I had money it wouldn’t change my point of view
Listen hard to this, hear me when I say
All I need is you

If you were gone nobody could take your place
If I had money for you I’d throw it all away
If you were gone nobody could take your place
If I had money for you I’d throw it all away

If you were gone I don’t know what I would do
If you were gone, leaving me for someone new
Listen hard to this, this is what I say
All I need is you
Track Name: After All This Borrowed Time
After All This Borrowed Time (Taylor)

A life is lost in a heartbeat
And only love survives
Innocence is stolen
Everybody pays the price

A dying breath, a baby born
A life renewed, another torn
We pick up all that’s left behind
And carry on

And after all the heartache
Comes a wake-up call
You wont satisfy your pride
By taking another fall

And for every heart that’s broken there’s another soul awoken,
After all this borrowed time the whole story unwinds,

In all accepted wisdom
They say manners make the man
Success is always measured
By the pennies in his hand

A lucky break, a dream come true
A big mistake, a curse on you
We count on all that’s left behind
And carry on

You put it all on diamonds
Now we’re ruby red
You wont satisfy your hunger
By stealing all the bread

The thorn in everybody’s side
We can’t contain the rising tide
So find yourself an alibi
Until it’s gone

Nothing left to conquor
Nothing to sell
You wont satisfy your thirst
By drinking dry the well
Track Name: Nature's Cruel Design
Nature's Cruel Design (Taylor/Butcher)

Such an appetite
Greed a saint would not forgive
You're working day and night
To fill a void that lets her live, live, live
Before you know it you're too old
And there's nothing left to give

To keep up with her demands
You're a better man than I
Break your legs and bind your hands
Then she'll say you never tried
But the thought of ever leaving her
Has never crossed your mind
She's a wicked lover
One of nature's cruel designs

Remove pieces of you
‘Til you don't recognise yourself
You know it feels so good
But you'll be spoilt for anybody else
Now you can't remember
Anything you've left behind
She's your wicked lover
One of nature's cruel designs
Track Name: Baby Don't Lose My Number
Baby Don’t Lose My Number (Taylor)

I caught your eye, it made you think
And then some guy bought you a drink
I wrote the number of my phone
You tore it up, I left alone
I think of you and it makes me stronger
Absence only makes the heart grow fonder

Baby, baby don’t you lose my number
Cos you never know, you never know
When you might need a friend
Baby, baby don’t you lose my number
Cos you never know
You never know how this is going to end

The days went by, I lived in hope
I didn’t cry, I didn’t mope
I saw you on the street one day
You crossed the road and ran away
I think of you and my heart beats faster
You and me could live so happy ever after

I sent you flowers, I wrote you cards
I poured my heart out, I worked so hard
I waited by the phone for you
Until it rang, a dream come true
Cos you are all I’m living for
And here you are a-knocking upon my door