After All This Borrowed Time

from by The Motives feat. Matt Taylor



With a strong hint of gospel, powered by Jonny Dyke’s piano and Hammond organ and Matt’s soulful vocal and guitar solos, After All This Borrowed Time muses on life’s bigger issues with a beautifully excecuted backing track and a lyric which at different times touches on love and loss, prosperity and greed and the state of the environment.


After All This Borrowed Time (Taylor)

A life is lost in a heartbeat
And only love survives
Innocence is stolen
Everybody pays the price

A dying breath, a baby born
A life renewed, another torn
We pick up all that’s left behind
And carry on

And after all the heartache
Comes a wake-up call
You wont satisfy your pride
By taking another fall

And for every heart that’s broken there’s another soul awoken,
After all this borrowed time the whole story unwinds,

In all accepted wisdom
They say manners make the man
Success is always measured
By the pennies in his hand

A lucky break, a dream come true
A big mistake, a curse on you
We count on all that’s left behind
And carry on

You put it all on diamonds
Now we’re ruby red
You wont satisfy your hunger
By stealing all the bread

The thorn in everybody’s side
We can’t contain the rising tide
So find yourself an alibi
Until it’s gone

Nothing left to conquor
Nothing to sell
You wont satisfy your thirst
By drinking dry the well


from The Motives feat. Matt Taylor, track released June 11, 2012



all rights reserved


The Motives feat. Matt Taylor London, UK

A new band project brings together some of the finest talent from the European blues scene. The Motives draw their musical inspiration from 40s New York, 50s Chicago and 60s London, combining Matt Taylor's electrifying guitar work with Jonny Dyke's virtuoso hammond and piano over a rock solid rhythm section of Roy Martin on drums and Andy Graham on Bass. Their new album is released in June 2012. ... more

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