Inspired by such luminaries as Louis Prima, Benny Goodman, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and even Woody Allen, The Rules Don’t Apply is a blackly comic fable of a man whose evil doings in life lead to an exalted position in the after-life, only to find that his supposed status has actually lead him into his own worst nightmare. With Gene Krupa style tom-toms relentlessly pounding and unison guitar and Hammond organ bringing to mind the blaring trumpets of Goodman’s Sing Sing Sing, The Rules Don’t Apply is an unpredictable gem, made all the more dazzling by a guest appearance from the charismatic Ian Siegal, who expertly voices the devil himself.


The Rules Don’t Apply (Taylor)

A dozen faces turned away as I hung there in the air
They cut me down and bagged me up and even combed my hair
They put me in a box and then they put me in the ground
And noone cried and noone cared and noone made a sound
And then a smiling face was there to greet me at the gates
He welcomed me with open arms and showed me to my fate

The heat was in my eyes and in my lungs and in my brain
He branded me with iron and he bound me with a chain
He left me for a hundred years and then a hundred more
And then at last I heard a key a-turning in the door
Through a stinking cloud of smoke I saw his eyes glow red
He slithered up beside me and this is what he said

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you

He took me to his parlour like the spider did the fly
He offered me a cigarette as I began to cry
He said “boy, stop your snivelling, I have a proposition
Could very well appeal unto a man in your position
There ain’t the time in one short day to do my evil deeds
A twisted right-hand man like you’s exactly what I need
There’s far too many sinners here and I don’t allow salvation
I need someone to show them the true meaning of damnation
But remember who I am and don’t you mess with me
Or you’ll find yourself a-burning for all eternity”

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you

So I took my place at the devil’s side and he worked me like a slave
Making all them sinners wish that they’d behaved
But I punch my card in every day and I’ve come to realise
That pain and degredation is a wicked way of life
I never wanted to belong to anybody’s plan
But I find myself forevermore just working for the man

Don’t you ever be fooled that the rules don’t apply to you


from The Motives feat. Matt Taylor, track released June 11, 2012



all rights reserved


The Motives feat. Matt Taylor London, UK

A new band project brings together some of the finest talent from the European blues scene. The Motives draw their musical inspiration from 40s New York, 50s Chicago and 60s London, combining Matt Taylor's electrifying guitar work with Jonny Dyke's virtuoso hammond and piano over a rock solid rhythm section of Roy Martin on drums and Andy Graham on Bass. Their new album is released in June 2012. ... more

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